Stepping Into The Red Circle

Two-Day Virtual Masterclass

February 18 -19, 2021

Feb 18 11am - 4:30pm EST

Feb 19 11am - 3:30pm EST

Ming Shelby

“Using Tricia’s feedback and support really helped me to have the confidence to apply for the TEDx and land the TEDx!”

TEDx Speaker and Educator



In this two day virtual masterclass, you will learn:

February 18, 2021
11am – 4:30pm ET

February 19, 2021
11am – 3:30pm ET

Virtual via Zoom

Regular $197
Special $27

– Pamay Bassey –

Are you scared to apply to an event? Pamay shares her fears and how she overcame them.

TEDx Speaker and Author


Masterclass Starts

February 18-19, 2021


– Marisa Zalabak –

“Tricia is a master of her craft. Her technique coupled with her ability to mine for this gold that lies below the surface is astounding.”

TEDx Speaker, Author, and Advocate


Dr. Wayne Pernell

“Tricia is an amazing coach. She’s an awesome mentor. And now, she’s a great friend… If you’re thinking about becoming a speaker aiming for TEDx or aiming for bigger stages, you’ve got to work with Tricia Brouk.”

TEDx Speaker, Author, and Breakthrough Coach

You will have direct access to award-winning director, Tricia Brouk who will be…

Pulling back the curtain:

  • Tricia will share her experience of being Executive Director of TEDxLincolnSquare
  • She will also talk about what organizers prefer and do not prefer.
  • She will talk about why it’s important to vet organizers and what they are actually looking for.
  • She will also share any events that are currently looking  for speakers, so you can literally apply after the workshop.

You will also learn her trademarked process in real time with you..


  • Tricia helps you mine your ideas.
  • Land on and clarify your big idea.
  • You will learn the language of organizers, so you can speak it in your application and in the interview process.
  • Tricia helps you understand what makes an application stand out, what language organizers are looking for and how to get totally dialed in on your content.
  • You will fill out an application that will remain your go-to over and over again.

Elizabeth Molina –

“Her innovative ways of thinking, of looking at things through a different lens, is really a game-changer for anyone who would be interested in getting on a stage, especially a TEDx.”

TEDx speaker, Founder of the Molina Glow
and Your Beauty Guru

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Stepping Into the Red Circle

February 18, 2021
11am – 4:30pm ET

February 19, 2021
11am – 3:30pm ET

Virtual via Zoom

Regular $197
Special $27

About your mentor, Tricia Brouk

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As an international award winning director, author and producer of countless events, your story is priority. You have a powerful, world-changing story to tell. And I can help you be heard. In this masterclass, you will have my support in finding your voice, so that you can share your important message that can change and even save a life. You taking that big stage will help make the world a better place.

This is a safe container of non-judgment and compassion, powered by my deep listening skills honed over years of drawing out the best performances. Your voice matters. 

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