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February 18 -19, 2021

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February 18 -19, 2021

What People Are Saying

Ming Shelby

“Using Tricia’s feedback and support really helped me to have the confidence to apply for the TEDx and land the TEDx!”

TEDx Speaker and Educator

LeRon Barton

“Tricia has not only been a curator for TEDx, but she’s also been a host, so she knows what you need to do to get on that stage.”

TEDx Speaker and Author

Marisa Zalabak

“Tricia is a master of her craft. Her technique coupled with her ability to mine for this gold that lies below the surface is astounding.”

TEDx Speaker, Author, and Advocate

Pablo Virgo

“She brought out so many stories, ideas, connections, and compassion with people coming from all different areas of life… and she would connect with them and find the piece of their truth they were grasping for and help draw it out.”

Video Editor

Paul Glover
“I would tell anyone that wants to make a serious difference through speaking that they need to be a part of your community and take your Masterclass.”
Speaker, Author, and Leadership Coach

Dr. Wayne Pernell
“Tricia is an amazing coach. She’s an awesome mentor. And now, she’s a great friend… If you’re thinking about becoming a speaker aiming for TEDx or aiming for bigger stages, you’ve got to work with Tricia Brouk.”
TEDx Speaker, Author, and Breakthrough Coach
Elizabeth Molina
“Her innovative ways of thinking, of looking at things through a different lens, is really a game-changer for anyone who would be interested in getting on a stage, especially a TEDx.”
TEDx speaker, Founder of the Molina Glow and Your Beauty Guru
Deni Van
“I’ve gotten to the point of clarity and it was because of this Masterclass.”
Speaker and Holistic Intuitive Healer

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